I believe in God, although I don’t see him…I never did…

I chose to believe because I feel that there is a power bigger than me…bigger than all of us realizing an infinite justice in this world…

A justice that makes me so relieved and that’s why I chose to believe…And believing is not related to any other interpretations … believing in god does not mean a set of rules or a set of requirements that you need to fulfill…believing in God is not being a Christian or a Muslim or a jew. Believing is a pure feeling …

Here is what i know: if you are an Athiest, Buddhist, Agnostic, Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hedonist……. belonging to any religious group or none …try to bring the best in you…that’s what any believing/disbelieving ideology tries to do….that’s what it is supposed to do…

i chose to believe to be happy…and your choice whether it’s believing or disbelieving is supposed to make you happy too… it’s supposed to be a guiding green light in your life…..

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