Last night and before the dawn starts showing, I was laying on my bed, collapsed in a corner, hidden under my blanket, trying to get my tears to stop but unfortunately, I couldn’t…i couldn’t sleep …however, i made some midnight decisions and i hope i didn’t mess up because i always regret midnight decisions…….

I decided to finally stop arguing, complaining and empathizing myself because that won’t make me better …i am a heroine and i don’t need to prove it….i am strong enough and won’t cry or regret it….

I accepted the fact that they will never change…never….i don’t need to convince anyone…or to defend myself…let them believe what they want to believe…let them say what they want to say…i don’t need to justify myself to anyone…

i need to be stronger…not that i am weak …never… i know i have a fickle heart and a bitterness ❤

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